BilgeAdam, with more than 500 field experienced and certified consultants, offers you services in Nearshore Software Development, On-Site Staffing, Consulting, Managed Services and Training.

BilgeAdam develops software specifically for the processes and needs of your organization or company. The source codes and all the data belong to you.

Turnkey Software Development

In this service type; the responsibility of all analysis, development, testing and – if necessary – deployment processes are in BilgeAdam Software. Critical points of this type of service; the detailed analysis of the analysis process, the detailed documentation of all screens, workflows and business rules to be developed.

Software Specialist Provision

BilgeAdam provides the software specialists with competencies you need for the time you require for your software projects. Project management on the other hand, is done by you. Although the software specialists work in BilgeAdam’s payroll, they totally report to you from an administrative point of view. BilgeAdam is also responsible for the development and continuity of the specialists.

Software Specialist Provision + Project Management

In this type of service, project management is carried out by BilgeAdam in addition to providing software specialists. Your staff can also be a part these teams where the projects are carried out with Agile methodology and mixed teams can be formed. Therefore, your team will be fully in control of the project. Cooperative working system is also a very positive contributor to the technical development of your teams. The project is developed with regular iterations; progress reports are periodically shared, minimizing risks related to scope and duration.

BilgeAdam’s On-Site Staffing; offers highly qualified, experienced, skilled, trained, and certified people for the on-site IT expert needs of customers. As a result of its “right people, optimum solution” philosophy, and only focused on IT positions, BilgeAdam’s team of over 30 HR agents has actively played a role in providing over 1.000 “right people” to our customers worldwide.  Our multi-national customers range from IBM, Morgan Stanley and Syncsort in the USA, to ING Bank, Unilever in the Netherlands, and Azersun in Azerbaican.  Other multinational names served by BilgeAdam are; Samsung, Intel, Vodafone, Nestle, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, KPMG, Burgan Bank, Turkcell, Türkiye İş Bankası, Garanti Bankası. Also, BilgeAdam currently has 600 IT experts located at their customers’ sites.  These professionals greatly help in creating the right solutions to reach their customers’ goals. The length of such contracts can start anywhere from 6 months up to 5 years.


Project Name: Academia Portal Project
Project Description: Unilever needed an Academic Training Portal to be developed where they could publish the dates of the trainings to be provided to the company employees and to the dealers, the videos of the trainings provided, and where recording can be done over the portal.
A user-friendly responsive design has been developed that allows end users to easily do their operations. Training module was developed by using SharePoint CSOM model.
Users logged in to the Academia Portal can automatically view, register and participate in the trainings they are interested. With the announcement module developed, the training to be held every month is communicated within the company and at the dealers. They can filter out and watch the videos of past trainings.
Related Technologies: SharePointASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, SOAP ve REST Service
Project Total Manpower / Month Period: 4


Project Name: Galaxy S9 and S9Plus Camera Launch
Project Description:  Our client was requesting a project to be developed with the intention of promoting the powerful features of their newly introduced Galaxy S9 and S9Plus cameras to its customers.
We therefore, integrated our VMerch Click product, developed by our IOT team, into kiosks prepared for the phones’ launch, to realize this project. With this integration, the customer can activate the corresponding camera feature of S9 and S9Plus by pressing the button on the kiosk that houses the camera features that the user wants to experience. This makes it easier for the user to get information about the telephone’s camera in a quick, and a fun way.
Tools and Technologies Utilized: Java, Mobile Application Development, Android OS, Embedded Software Development, Electronic Card Design, Bluetooth Low Energy.
Project Total Manpower / Month Period: 3


Project Name: Mercedes BandAudit
Project Description: The BandAudit Project is a WinForms application in which Mercedes bus plant’s production errors are recorded by employees, and related units such as management and quality assurance can also generate reports from these error records. It can work on desktop and tablet computers. This application needs renewal and maintenance support that can be instantly intervened in any fault that might occur.

The BandAudit project, which BilgeAdam both developed and carries out maintenance and support processes, has been in use since 2008. It produces approximately 40 kinds of reports in current situation and serves more than 1000 users. In order to make this error checking process more efficient and more sustainable, BilgeAdam continues to work on the necessary remediation, performance improvement, and meeting new needs within the application.
Since 2008, this application has been providing uninterrupted service. Employee satisfaction is ensured through intervention in the event of an error that may occur during business processes.
Related Technologies: .NET Winforms
Project Total Manpower / Month Period: 2

These are services that can also be given as On-the-Job Training in a variety of specializations that are specific to a certain objective, usually short-lived, that your organization / company requires in its processes. BilgeAdam’s consulting services may be immediate ((1-10 business days) or long-term (2 weeks to 3 months) according to your business needs.

In this service, BilgeAdam takes over the management of the IT operation along with the risks. Establishes the necessary team for the complete execution of the service, plans the training and orientation process, creates the documentation and starts the operation. Within the scope of the service, there are 24/7 maintenance and support, project and version upgrade, licensing, problem and case management, business planning and follow-up, resource planning and management as well as detailed reporting.

BilgeAdam is an an authorized training partner of Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, VMware, Huawei and PMI. For your specific IT training needs, please contact us.