Industrial IoT Services

Industrial IoT Services

Are you looking for a technological partner to help your business in the field of manufacturing, logistics, automobile, transport, or real estate? BilgeAdam Technologies is at your service. Our smart IoT solutions enable businesses like yours to make the best use of their equipment, systems and operations. You get real-time visibility of your day-to-day actions, data insights for better performance, and the power to grow your business with the innovative advancements of IoT!

Industrial IoT Solutions

Our IoT Services for Industrial Automation

Monitoring and Assessment

We help you find defects and errors in your equipment and processes to prevent shutdowns.

Remote Management

You can get real-time visibility of your assets and operations across different locations and manage them remotely.

Predictive Maintenance & Support

We help you predict any issues or failures in your assets and ensure that they are resolved in advance.

Inventory Organization

We help you organize and improve your maintenance, repairs, and operations (MRO) inventory to prevent stock-outs and over-stocks.

Smart Supply-Chain

We assist in creating a streamlined supply chain processes and warehouse systems that are enhanced with IoT software.

Safety and Security

Your employees’ safety is of utmost importance, and we can help you create a secure work environment.

Industrial IoT Solutions

Extra Value-Added Benefits with BilgeAdam

Smart data analytics that helps forecast errors and failures and prevent downtime

Big data analysts that can work with a number of large databases with different levels of intricacies

IoT Centre of Excellence with a team that goes above and beyond to develop solutions

Cloud expertise using Amazon Web Services (AWS), MS Azure, and Google Cloud

graphic-dots-mint-greenConsumer IoT Development

Our IoT Knowledge

IoT Development Solutions

Unleash the power of IoT with our tailored, data-driven solutions for multiple industries.

Consumer IoT

Produce unique, interconnected and smart devices and gadgets that provide excellent customer satisfaction.

Smart Cities

Elevate the lives of different communities by creating a smart city that resolves challenges and encourages transformation.

graphic-dots-mint-greenIndustrial IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT for Manufacturing Excellence

Data Insights for Critical Business Decisions

When it comes to industrial IoT, the solutions and systems collect data from the unique sensor technology and then make use of big data analytics and ML models to develop useful data insights. These cutting-edge, innovative technologies and solutions are highly beneficial for manufacturing businesses. They ensure that all systems are in place and are running smoothly and with precision. Accuracy of data related to equipment, systems and processes help companies make important business decisions. The data can be used to predict the future of the business operations, the lifecycle of the equipment, supply chain processes, and much more. With these reports in place, manufacturing companies can not only improve their production capabilities but also create a safe, collaborative working environment. This leads to revenue growth and business success.

Security and Safety

Technology can help improve our lives for the better, and this also applies to the working environment in manufacturing facilities. IoT solutions can transform the existing systems and processes to ensure that the employees have a safe place to work in. With the help of IoT, one can monitor safety conditions, ensure that protocols are met, and notify the appropriate personnel in case of any issues. This not only helps resolve problems quickly; it also prevents potential issues. With industrial IoT, manufacturing companies can also prevent issues related to cyber-security. The security of large amounts of critical business data is paramount, and it needs to be protected from external harm. Encryption, authentication and other security systems need to be implemented. We create custom solutions to prevent cyber-attacks and mitigate security risks. With BilgeAdam, you can be assured that your employees, business, and data are all protected from any kind of harm.

Real-Time Data for Business Growth

Real-time data is invaluable no matter what the nature of your business is. And when it comes to manufacturing, logistics, and supply chains, this is especially true. Developments in IoT technologies have improved the data processing capabilities of the manufacturing industry. Monitoring, assessment, and maintenance are now easy and automated. Companies can manage all these remotely, prevent failures, and resolve issues very quickly. No longer do you have to wait for issues in your machinery and equipment to show up. With predictive analytics, you can estimate when certain failures or defects will happen and prevent them proactively. The data also helps to track products, manage the supply chain, coordinate with vendors, and organize the warehouse. With our personalized industrial IoT solutions, you can identify bottlenecks and create a robust manufacturing process that runs smoothly and seamlessly.
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