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Why Go Nearshore with BilgeAdam?

Quality, cost-effective nearshore IT services with vetted top-talent experts.


Utilise the High and
Growing Potential

BilgeAdam Technologies has an extensive talent pool in Turkey, a country with a dynamic and young population well-trained in math and engineering that supports the tech industry and tens of thousands of available developers.

Turkey has a young population with high potential. In 2020, Turkey had 59,640 university grads in ICT & engineering fields.

Nearshore IT services

Turkey is well aware of the importance of language skills. Compulsory English learning starts in the second year of elementary school and continues until high school graduation. Also, most of the leading universities teach entirely in English.

According to the Global Services Location Index, Turkey is 26th among the countries most suitable for IT outsourcing, with a good score for people skills and availability, climbing 13 ranks in two years.

There are more than 213,000 employees in the Turkish ICT sector, 49% of whom are R&D personnel..

The most popular programming languages and frameworks among Turkish developers are in line with the languages companies use worldwide.

Spend Less, Achieve More

Nearshoring lowers your expenses in terms of travel and the cost of having an in-house team on standby. Furthermore, Turkey is many advantages for cost-cutting.

High-quality service with competitive rates below the east and south European resource centres

Quality assurance with language, communication and technical assessments at no cost to the customer

Nearshoring to Turkey is affordable, while Turkey is very close to the EU but uses its own currency.

On average, developer salaries in Turkey are around 66% lower than in the UK.

Turkey connects Europe to Asia, travel costs are relatively low for the companies which would prefer to turn on-prem.

Rest Assured with Our
First-Rate Handpicked Talent

Our quality teams of experts are ready to give you a significant lead on the competition and drastically reduce the time-to-market without additional instructions.

Access to over 2,500 experts across multiple technology domains

1,200+ full-time engineers and a bench of 100 developers at all times

Certified engineers, project managers, and developers with a broad technology stack

In-house IT Academy and boot camps that trained over 100,000 graduates

Access to the top 3% of talent from our nearshore and offshore talent pools

Evaluating and handpicking top talents by an experienced recruitment team using an AI-based Human Capital Management software

A team of 90+ full-time recruiters who scan the whole market for the best talents

An AI-based HCM software to manage whole developer teams and create monthly timesheets

Low attrition rate due to close monitoring of developers, career planning and social benefits

A very well-established support department with vast experience in contracting, compliance, data protection, HR, and finance

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Why Choose Turkey & BilgeAdam?

We provide quality, cost-effective nearshore IT services with vetted, top-talent experts. Watch our videos to find out the benefits of outsourcing your IT services to Turkey with BilgeAdam Technologies.

We’re in Europe

BilgeAdam Technologies has ideal locations for technology nearshoring, positioned in growing tech hubs right at the centre of time zones and covering all working hours.

There is a 2-3 hours time-difference between Turkey and the UK, and UK working hours can be covered with a minor regulation.

Turkey’s only 1-2 hours ahead of most European countries and can even cover the US east coast working hours.

The Turkish state gives incentives to companies and start-ups that conduct R&D. Right now, there are more than 1,200 R&D centres in Turkey, and over 2,000 active companies in the Turkish ICT sector.

In 2022, the ICT market size of Turkey reached 408.9 billion TRY (USD 24.7 billion). Between 2018 and 2022, the annual average growth of the industry on TRY basis was 25.2%.

Nearshore IT services

Work with a Reliable and Experienced Nearshore Partner

BilgeAdam Technologies focuses on designing, architecting, and delivering solutions rather than just providing services. Thus you can expect outcomes and business results.

25+ years of experience in IT services, software development and technology services

1,000+ clients in different industries with references and case studies

1 of the 5 independent software development company in Turkey

Top technology partners such as Microsoft, AWS, Mendix, and LLPA

Robust IT security systems and policies

Group companies in the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany

  • Experience with delivery to global clients
  • IR35 and GDPR compliances


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