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Jump-start your projects and gain a competitive advantage by working with the top talent in the industry.

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Meet Our Expert Teams

We guarantee amazing results, and our engineering team is made up of the top IT talent in the industry. Our software engineers are bilingual, thus ensuring impeccable communication with our clients. Our team members have significant work experience and have successfully completed ground-breaking projects that have involved the latest technologies and tools.

What sets us apart?

Top IT Talent

We follow a strict hiring process and make sure that our team members include some of the most talented and knowledgeable professionals from all over the globe. Each member has unique expertise, and together, they are the driving force behind the success of our projects.

Bilingual Developers

Our software developers are highly proficient in English, and that enables them to develop and manage clear communication systems with our clients. They are also fluent in other languages, and this enables them to understand the specific needs of the client properly.

Time Zone Alignment

Our teams are spread across different locations to ensure that the members stay in the client’s time zone. This approach is a vital factor that helps us with real-time project management and feedback cycles for quicker delivery.

We Build Independent, Committed, and Personalized Development Teams

As a valuable partner of BilgeAdam, you get associated with the best development teams in the industry. We put effort into building the perfect team for you; that may include individual engineers or fully-featured development teams. We are a rapidly growing team of top IT talent with more than 1100 engineers.

The Benefits of
Working with BilgeAdam

Technical Knowledge

We are well-versed in the procedures of hiring the best talent. We get a substantial amount of applications from all over the world. We have a large team of experts across a wide spectrum of technologies, like Java, Python, and PHP, and we ensure that we are always updated with the latest market trends. Additionally, all of our candidates need to go through extensive training and testing until they become ready with the appropriate skillset as is required by the senior software engineers. We put effort into ensuring that the selected candidates will undeniably add great value to the projects and will be able to deliver optimal results.

Our team members are qualified and experienced in working with the latest technologies and methodologies in the market that are essential for building the proper solution matching your needs and timeline. Our software engineers have to go through a rigorous training process that ensures they are in line with your company’s needs as well as industry trends. It makes them always ready to take up projects, no matter how complex the tasks may seem. They use their expert skills to design and implement the best results for our clients.

Vast Experience

We are judicious and process-oriented. Most of our engineers have work experience of around ten years at least and have been working on complex projects. They will make sure to deliver impeccable results in accordance with your requirements. We have worked with both startups and middle-market businesses. We have also worked with over 10% of Fortune 500 companies. Our teams have received the opportunity of working with companies of all sizes and on projects with different complexities and have delivered fantastic results. Our incredible performance has helped us drive the companies’ digital transformation journey beyond their expectations. Our teams are well-aware of implementing challenging projects swiftly and smoothly.

Our entire focus remains on the core business problems that our clients are facing. These issues are mostly related to scalability and the need to speed up development. We make sure to have important conversations to get a clear idea about the skills and components required for the project, and we use our proprietary software that will match the best candidates with the roles needed for the project. Once this is done, we connect our teams with our customers and start working towards our goal of delivering the most beneficial solution.

Work Culture and Diversity

Working in diverse ways is essential for focusing on talent, perfection, and a customer-first attitude. Our employees are guided by the belief that when nurturing talent, there is no place for discrimination. Teamwork is placed in high regard to ensure that we share knowledge, resources as well as skills. The company’s motto reminds every individual to be committed to helping every other co-worker.

We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or economic background.

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds and bring in not just technical expertise but also rich experiences. This allows us to grow and perform as per the impeccable standards of this industry. Hiring diverse candidates has been actively promoted with equal workplace opportunities and an inclusive environment. Understanding that referral systems and rewards lead to a diverse work environment, such initiatives are one of the objectives of our company.

Along with the progressive aspects, proper conduct and work ethics are also important to our company. Empathy for other co-workers, respect for their diverse beliefs, passions, and ideas are encouraged and appreciated. We empower our team members to be the best versions of themselves, provide them with opportunities for career growth, and guide them with compassion and respect so that they perform to their full potential.

Productive Work

BilgeAdam teams are composed of individuals who work smart. Though our teams work remotely and across locations, all team members collaborate efficiently in real-time. Working with diverse teams drives expertise within BilgeAdam offices worldwide, and we deliver cutting-edge solutions each time.

The methodology and pre-defined work cycles make BilgeAdam one of the best in the market in delivery and services while also keeping the attrition low. Our work principles ensure:

  • Productivity and Collaboration
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Business Continuity and Integration

We encourage career growth for all our team members, conduct training as needed, and create a safe and supportive work environment that leads to success.

Expert Talents

From QA engineers and analysts to tech leads and project managers, BilgeAdam comprises experts in all fields of software and IT. With all the necessary roles and experts at your disposal, your dream project will soon become a reality. The experts are equipped with the know-how to quickly trace the optimal path for your project, and they will ensure that there are value-adds at each touchpoint.

Our experts cater to your specific needs, no matter how complex they are. They will promptly assist you, ensuring that the quality of solutions matches the high standards BilgeAdam has set. We have dedicated managers who thoroughly pay attention to KPIs, understand the objectives, and steer internal processes to make sure our teams are committed and deliver the objectives successfully.

Some of our expert's roles and profiles are mentioned as follows:

Software Engineer

Software engineers use programming languages to develop software applications, run the code and create unit test cases. All senior engineers in BilgeAdam have more than eight years of experience.

Business Analyst

As the name suggests, business analysts analyse business needs, coordinate with the project owner, understand the requirements, and implement solutions.

Project Manager

Project managers manage definition and planning tasks by communicating with clients, addressing delays, and escalating as and when needed.

QA Engineer

Along with the project manager, the QA engineer executes the test phases to ensure the quality of the product developed and resolves any errors before it goes live.

Technical Lead

Technical leads are in charge of the design and approach, and they guide development engineers in implementing the project architecture.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers take care of the configuration of the tools and environments to streamline the software development lifecycle. They ensure continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

Software Architect

Software architects handle a project's architecture, and their role is to set the technical standards for the architecture.

Automation Engineer

Automation engineers generate test cases to automate manual processes. They also monitor the processes and rectify any errors in the iterative trials until the automation goes live.

SCRUM Master

Scrum masters are responsible for facilitating the appropriate Scrum framework, its implementation, and maximizing its performance.

UX/UI Designer

A UI/UX designer works with customer teams and their end-users to ensure that the product or service design is easy to use and operate, and runs properly.

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