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We have a large team of well-qualified and efficient developers to meet your high expectations. In web app development, we focus on following the latest technological trends and delivering top-class solutions that meet A-grade quality standards. With this aim in mind, BilgeAdam works towards transforming the ideas you have into brilliant web apps.

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Excellent Web App Development Services

At BilgeAdam, we have been working hard to provide the best solutions in web app development. We work on any app development and conduct the appropriate market research. Also, we take the functionalities of your web application seriously and choose our technology accordingly.

BilgeAdam is a software partner complying with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards.

We work with clients across multiple industries.

Our software team consists of more than 800 certified consultants.

With 25+ years of experience in the domain, we make use of the team efficiently.

We focus on the management of the complete lifecycle of a web app: analysis, design, development, QA, maintenance and support.

We follow a specific pattern: Front-End, Unified Code, Clean Code and APIs for JavaScript.

We make use of Version Control Systems (GIT, SVN). It is the best way to handle changes in source code over time.

We provide user-friendly web apps with the value-added service of UI / UX development expertise.

We also take care of the intellectual property rights of our clients.

Continuous integration (CI) systems help us develop the best quality standard.

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The Different Web Apps that We Develop and Manage

At BilgeAdam, we make sure that you gain business benefits from your web applications. In addition, we ensure that our customers can upgrade their applications if they want to. We develop customised applications for our clients. Our staff members are experienced with ERP and CMS software and always succeed in satisfying our customers. We can provide the best solutions for developing the following:

Web Application Development

Our Web Application Development Methodologies

In BilgeAdam, the first and foremost thing we do is gather the relevant information before proceeding with the development processes. We put much effort into clarifying the application’s end-goals before deciding on its design. Our methodologies are:

Company analysis and audits
Architectural prototyping and UX/UI design
Prototype testing
Front-end and back-end development
QA and software test
Business automation
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