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Big Data and Analytics

Big Data and Analytics

Big data has become a vast field and has many uses in multiple industries. It is used to extract meaningful information from raw data sets that are too voluminous to be dispensed with traditional software. With the diverse growth in computing and data handling, the size of data sets has snowballed. Volume, Variety, and Velocity are some of the attributes that pertain to Big Data, and the list goes on. Repositories have also evolved for quickly segregating data and organising them for further processing.
BilgeAdam helps clients to handle large chunks of data with business intelligence tools generated to serve and sustain big businesses. In the era of automation and the decline of manual work, organisations must systematically amalgamate and process Big Data to realise new market opportunities.

Big Data And Analytics

Big Data Services

The experts at BilgeAdam strive to offer a full range of services relating to big data. Our customers get critical comprehensions from new data assets, from consulting and strategy definition to infrastructure maintenance and support. BilgeAdam develops unique, proprietary frameworks combined with popular open-source technologies like Kafka, Spark, and Apache Hadoop. Analysing, processing and storing big data through machine learning and deep learning algorithms deliver a complete package.

Big Data comes into use in healthcare, education, media, and insurance apart from the IT field. Minimising the challenges and reaping the utmost benefits should be the goal of any organisation striving to be the best. Any progressive growth is accelerated with customised solutions to cater to the business needs. Customising according to the client’s needs is being promoted widely with the increase in research in Big Data.

Services We Offer

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics go hand-in-hand. Through the breakthrough of machine learning, business decisions are accelerated via a good knowledge of data science. BilgeAdam experts enhance this process.


Our consulting services have step-by-step procedures that we implement systematically. Our services prioritise the client's current big data issue by defining it with step-by-step goals. We then analyse and process solutions that lead the client's profit to a high margin.

BI & Data Analytics

End-user products and services need to be embedded with BI and analytics tools to keep up with the customers' dynamic requirements. Therefore, we use AI and ML techniques in our solutions.

Infrastructure and Data Infrastructure

Engineering data for warehouse and data lake solutions are another prominent feature of our services, where raw data is converted to processed data through ETL developments and streamlining.

Data Visualisation

Understandable forms of representations are always digestible. For example, clear reports and graphical dashboards add colour to the handled big data and present a 360-degree, real-time view.

Data Security

Ensuring the data is secure seals the processes described above. Security of the processed data that abide by the standards is equal to handling or processing and using the data. Sufficient backup and recovery, and protection from intentional and accidental errors are part of services handled at BilgeAdam.

Data Monetisation

Data insights can help you learn more about your customers, lead to better products and services, and ultimately increase revenue.


Advantages of Working
with BilgeAdam

Big Data Centre of Excellence

The most challenging tasks often leave us exhausted, and that is why one needs a helping hand to finish them off smoothly. BilgeAdam, with its leading experts, can help you capitalise on big data, which will lead to excellence.

Predictive Techniques

Data modelling is a field that needs precision, and with accurate predictions, AI can be adopted extensively with the required skill sets.

Expertise in Platforms

AWS, Google Cloud platforms and Microsoft Azure have become very popular, and BilgeAdam offers the best when it comes to cloud services.

UI/UX Excellence

We have UI/UX proficiency in dealing with complex data and visuals in big data management.

Our Unique Approach

Problem Definition

As a professional, we start by approaching any problem by defining it. Defining a problem includes evaluating the business environment and the current performance and identifying the key goals and challenges.

Data Collection

The next step is to gather data from multiple sources, formatted differently. The gathering helps in identifying the listed objectives.

Data Preparation

We evaluate data quality and remove inaccurate records to structure data for further analysis.

Data Analysis

The analysis usually is carried out by developing analytical algorithms to discover useful information for making critical business decisions.

Business Integration

Finally, the analytical algorithms are incorporated into the business environment and open doors to new opportunities.

Result Validation

We ensure continuous maintenance of these algorithms and make changes as and when needed to allow you to run your business smoothly and seamlessly.


What Makes BilgeAdam Stand Out in Big Data Analytics?

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