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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Due to obsolete security solutions, system vulnerabilities, multiple compliance mandates, and even data breaches, companies constantly face security challenges. Moreover, cyber-attacks are becoming more complicated and intricately woven into company systems today. Thus arises the need for a trusted advisor to foresee risks and take pre-emptive measures to neutralise threats.

Cyber Security

What we offer

At BilgeAdam, we prioritise security while organisations focus on their business objectives. Our Assess–Identify–Respond approach provides comprehensive security solutions and a holistic view of your organisation’s security ecosystem. BilgeAdam’s in-house experts have a fair share of industry and domain expertise, which helps understand your organisation’s business and needs. As a result, we not only recommend and manage a company’s security controls but also help accelerate innovation, transformation and growth.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Threat and vulnerability management lays the foundation for minimising a company's exposure and improving its resilience. BilgeAdam provides periodic scans of your company's IT landscape, real-time identification of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and safeguards to reduce the window of opportunity for attackers. Constant management will help take proactive reactions and avoid impairments of any kind.

Identity and Access Management

Businesses are under tremendous regulatory and organisational pressure to protect access to corporate resources. Hence, it is necessary to put company processes, policies, and technologies in place that control user access to critical information by managing electronic identities and/or digital safeguards. These include two-factor or multifactor authentication, biometrics, and privileged access management, which replace the highly unreliable and error-prone manual process.

Data Security

With companies creating and churning vast amounts of data, data governance also becomes vital to business success. BilgeAdam's team of experts provides scalable and managed data security services. At the same time, we ensure cost-effective, compliant, and adaptable solutions with capabilities such as encryption, hashing, masking and tokenisation.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

With the growing reach of digital technologies arises complex governance and compliance requirements for all enterprises. Hence, IT security risk has now also become a board-level concern. BilgeAdam's Governance, Risk and Compliance suite helps align IT goals with your organisation's overall objectives. In addition, we ensure that your organisation meets compliance standards.

Cloud Security

Once you have migrated your applications, workloads and data to the cloud, it is essential to create barriers between the access and visibility of confidential information. BilgeAdam understands your risk and compliance requirements and provides the expertise to help you minimise the risks during cloud adoption. Safety measures include data recovery, protection against malicious data theft, deterrence of data leaks caused by human error, etc.

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