At BilgeAdam, People Are Our Most Valuable Asset

At BilgeAdam, People Are Our Most Valuable Asset

We believe that a secure and harmonious working environment is beneficial for our employees and the company. It encourages healthy collaboration and creative thinking and ultimately results in better business - not only for us but also for our customers. Thus, creating an inspiring work environment for all of the stakeholders at BilgeAdam is one of our most significant goals.

At BilgeAdam, we have a transparent and thorough hiring process. We understand that the job interview processes can be quite overwhelming, but we strive to ensure that all our prospective candidates are equipped with the relevant information. Our values and culture are reflected right from the start of the recruitment. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or ability.

The moment you join BilgeAdam, you will be assigned to a specific project and will become an integrated member of the customer’s team. This will ensure that you can communicate directly without any middleman, and you will be able to develop a dedicated, long-term relationship. Switching between multiple projects can become complex at times, and that is why all our team members are assigned to one specific project that will allow them to showcase their talent and resolve significant challenges.

Our customer portfolio is comprised of companies and startups from across the globe, present in industries like automotive, computers & electronic, finance, software & internet, telecommunications, and more. At BilgeAdam, you will be exposed to a wide variety of businesses doing some fantastic work!


Why Join BilgeAdam

Out-Staffing Model

  • You get to work on a product exclusively
  • You also become a fully-integrated member of the customer’s team
  • You can work with multi-national companies
  • You will get the opportunity to take regular business trips across the globe

Direct Contact with the Customers

  • You get to set up a straight line of communication
  • You will receive continuous feedback and 360-degree visibility of results
  • Your opinion matters to us and the customer

Competitive Salary and Added Benefits

  • We pay a fair and competitive compensation in line with industry standards
  • We have provisions for tax coverage
  • We also provide medical insurance
  • We conduct English classes to improve your skills

International Work & Travel Opportunities

Explore some incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth by working on projects in different locations.

Professional Networking Communities

You can join one of our many internal online communities and interact with other team members across locations. Share your knowledge and skills and also learn from your colleagues!

Mentoring Program

We care about your professional growth and have a robust mentoring program for our managers.

Exclusive BilgeAdam Academy Training

Grow and develop your skills with over 250 professional training courses of BilgeAdam Academy available for free.

Internal Mobility

You can even transfer to new projects or teams within the organization and explore different career opportunities!

Fun Team Events

We organize multiple engaging social activities throughout the year to motivate our employees.

Recognition and Evaluation

We appreciate your hard work and creativity and award recognitions to our employees. We make sure to have proper channels of feedback between employees and managers.

Diverse and Friendly Environment

BilgeAdam offices have a lively and collaborative environment. Work with a diverse and multicultural team.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

We provide flexible working arrangements to ensure that you can manage your personal and work life efficiently.

Our Values


Innovation is one of our primary values. As an IT company, we make sure to always keep up with the latest trends and advancements in technology. We motivate our team members to improve their skills and upgrade their certifications in different areas as and when needed.


All the services that we provide to our clients have a clear set of objectives. Our IT solutions are not just for improving technical infrastructure but also for boosting business goals. Our employees follow this principle at all stages of their respective client projects, and this is reflected within our organization as well.


At BilgeAdam, we make sure to follow a clear and simple process while developing solutions for our customers. One of our goals is to be efficient at all times, whether it is with respect to cost, time, or effort. We avoid using complex techniques and instead design an ideal workflow that uses optimum resources (people, time, and cost). Our prices are set in accordance with the high quality of solutions we deliver and we make sure that it is beneficial for our customers and ourselves. The business contracts are finalized after thorough research and negotiation.


Technology is constantly evolving and changing. As a provider of IT solutions, we always ensure that we respond and adapt to the changes. Our products and services are regularly updated to ensure business continuity and innovation. We follow a flexible working model across our locations.

Our Recruitment Process

CV/Resume Review by BilgeAdam HR
HR interview
Technical Evaluation
Job offer
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