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Cloud-Based Software Development

Cloud-Based Software Development

At BilgeAdam, we use our significant experience in cloud services to deliver transformative software solutions to all our clients. We work with several leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Our goal is to help organisations in their digital transformation journey by providing them with speedy and high-quality cloud development services. We assist in setting up all cloud environments – public, private, or hybrid – and help you shift to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS business models. Our cloud-based software development services are tailored for your needs, and we ensure that your technology infrastructure investments are future-ready.


Custom Cloud-Based Software and Application Development Services

BilgeAdam delivers a wide range of solutions when it comes to cloud software development. We do not simply provide technical support; we help our clients develop a comprehensive strategy and ensure seamless migration of the different applications and workloads to the new cloud environment. In case these require any restructuring, we do that as well. Our services are methodical, and we adhere to first-class standards. First, we conduct an extensive analysis of the existing IT landscape and devise a detailed, step-by-step plan for migration and integration. Then, we ensure that the solution is cost-effective for your business and meets all necessary and critical requirements.

Cloud Application Re-Architecting

We can help you substantially improve performance by redesigning your applications and migrating them from a monolithic format to a more efficient microservices architecture.

Cloud Evaluation and Upgrade

Our team of certified professionals will assess your existing cloud landscape, identify areas of improvement such as over-utilisation or under-utilisation of resources, and share detailed recommendations on improving your cloud systems.

Cloud Migration and Integration

We deliver seamless migration solutions to the cloud. Our experts will recommend the most appropriate cloud migration strategy for your organisation. This can include IaaS, Dockerization, or cloud-native methods.

Cloud-Native Development Services

The cloud has unlimited possibilities that can help you scale your business. We help you maximise this potential by developing and managing serverless apps using cutting-edge services like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions. We also utilise databases like Amazon DynamoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, and more.

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We Take Care of the Cloud Development; You Focus on Your Business

Seamless and Efficient Migration to the Cloud

Cloud-based development services have excellent benefits for all companies. However, many sometimes feel concerned with the risks that can accompany this process. The worries could be related to cost, downtime periods, and other issues that can occur during the transition. However, at BilgeAdam Technologies, we are here to alleviate all your concerns. We ensure that our solutions are delivered smoothly and seamlessly, no matter which provider you use (AWS, Azure, Google). As a result, we minimise the risks and ensure cost-effectiveness.

The experts at BilgeAdam ensure continuous delivery by keeping in constant touch with our clients. We provide information and solutions for both hardware and software. For example, as part of our migration services, we work with networking devices, servers, and other database storage systems. We also make sure to give our clients a cost-reduction policy.

To support continuous delivery, we consult clients on cloud infrastructure services. As one of the trusted cloud development companies, BilgeAdam provides an expert view on all the hardware and software components. Our cloud infrastructure services include working with networking equipment, servers, and data storage. On top of that, our cloud services have a cost-reduction policy for the clients. For instance, dealing with a hardware abstraction layer enables the virtualisation of resources, which drives the cost down by the economy of capacities.

Smooth and Steady Performance

Our goal is to enable you to meet your business objectives. We want you to achieve maximum business value and provide cloud-based solutions that do just that. BilgeAdam consultants help our clients create and develop smart cloud solutions. We work with all business models – SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. We also work with different types of cloud – public, private, and hybrid.

Our primary focus is on excellent business value via cloud solutions, so we provide end-to-end, comprehensive cloud adoption services. Our diverse team members use their expertise to evaluate the best possible market offerings from different vendors. We also consult with you to ensure that your work environment becomes as efficient as possible. We use proven methodologies and processes to help you achieve measurable results. We also keep up with the latest trends to ensure smooth and steady performance.

Enhance Your Company Strategy

Studies show that approximately a third of the total IT budget of organisations goes towards cloud-based services. That is a significant proportion, and companies must ensure they get good value for their money. Therefore, the cloud solutions must be tailored to benefit your company’s overall strategy. You must also ensure that you cost-effectively achieve your scalability goals.

This and more can be done with the help of an expert cloud consulting service provider. Unfortunately, security problems, privacy issues, and a lack of required skills are too prevalent and result in significant roadblocks. BilgeAdam is a trustworthy company that can assist you in creating cloud business models that can help grow your business. We offer multiple software and analytical services. In addition, we make the most of AI and Machine Learning to help you create fantastic business decisions.

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