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Nearshore Services

BilgeAdam delivers the same, nearshore high-quality services and solutions for every IT project in The Netherlands, London and Turkey.

Nearshoring Solutions
at BilgeAdam

We provide a range of software and mobile app development services, application maintenance and support. We also have multiple teams of IT consultants and developers located in different countries at your service. The teams can build the tech solutions that you need, giving you more time to focus on your core business operations.

Shorter Time-to-Market

Our intelligent and productive teams of experts are ready to help you from the very beginning – there is no additional instruction needed. Our skilled services can give you a major lead on the competition and drastically reduce the time-to-market.

Excellent Quality Service

Every project is meticulously conducted in accordance with our high-standard processes and methodologies. Unlike offshore providers, our proximity, the small time-zone differences and cultural awareness put us at a cut above the rest. Our high-quality solutions are just what you need.

Greater Operational Scalability

Are your IT capabilities evolving at the same rate as your overall business? Nearshoring allows you to grow rapidly and efficiently. Our IT experts can assist you every step of the way to ensure that your IT landscape is up to date. At the same time, you also get to maintain overall control of your business processes and margins.

Cost Efficiency

Nearshoring lowers your expenses, both in terms of travel and the cost of having an in-house team on standby. Furthermore, nearshoring eliminates the need to deal with social benefits, payroll taxes, administrative costs, and additional office space.

Digital Bridge for the Location Gap

We have offices spread across multiple locations so that we are always close to our clients. This allows us to coordinate quickly and efficiently with you.

Our Proficient
Nearshoring Solutions

Nearshore Services​

Industries We Serve

Why Choose BilgeAdam?

We guide your business towards excellent customer experience and all-around digital relevance.

Constant Contact

We work closely with our clients, offering them advice and assistance at all times.

International Footprint

We deliver solutions to our clients at any location. Our diverse and inclusive team ensures that time zones, language or cultural differences are never a problem.

Industry Experience

BilgeAdam is an experienced company with a great deal of expertise. We deliver customized solutions for different industries.

Proven Methodology

We use uniform, high-standard processes and methodologies to make every project manageable, sustainable and transparent.
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