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Enterprise Applications

Every successful business needs reliable applications for its exponential growth in the world of constantly transforming technology. Enterprise applications are of paramount importance to business development and efficiency of resources utilization. When large-scale businesses with multiple business locations collaborate and exchange crucial information as well as workflows within the enterprise, it is very likely that they end up facing operational challenges that would later result in a redundant investment of money and time. Enterprise applications remove the chances of such unfavourable situations from occurring. Moreover, having a shared platform is an indispensable necessity for any enterprise to combine different applications, processes, and data to enhance business performance.

BilgeAdam Technologies develops future-ready enterprise applications for a simplified, unified, and digitized workflow management, unlocking a wide range of possibilities for seamless business collaborations. Backed by its 18 years of software development experience and innovation-led approach, BilgeAdam helps you facilitate your workflows, increase productivity and redesign your antiquated processes with emerging technologies.

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Excellent Enterprise Apps Development Services

BilgeAdam has vast experience developing enterprise software solutions and a talented team that thinks outside the box to deliver exceptional customer service. Our 400+ passionate and certified software developers with proven on-site experience are committed to agile and accelerated learning to design, develop and deliver transformative enterprise applications for any business. By harnessing the power of modern technology, BilgeAdam brings together digital transformation, deep industry knowledge, business agility, leading IT advancements to help companies achieve, grow and transform their businesses.

We empower the client with the following key features:

400+ experienced and certified software developers with on-site experience

ISO 9001, ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207, ISO/IEC 15504-7 (SPICE 2) and ISO 27001 certificates

Six Gold and Six Silver Microsoft competencies, including Gold Application Development

Strong references from leading public entities and private sector companies in Turkey

1,000+ completed projects

Agile project management

Customized and customer-centric enterprise solutions

100% source code backup and warranty of delivering to the firm

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The Different Enterprise Apps that We Develop and Manage

Winning business battles in the post-pandemic business economy needs a simplified and modernized approach. BilgeAdam leverages challenges and questions to provide its clients with customer-centric enterprise solutions that revive and accelerate your business performance.

Here are our innovative solutions your businesses need:

Enterprise Application Development

Our Enterprise Application Development Methodologies

Everyone uses the technology to move up the ladder, but using it differently and appropriately is where the secret lies. To get the desired results and achieve extraordinary targets in the business, one needs tailored and matchless applications with robustness and scalability. We at BilgeAdam develop, design, and create enterprise applications meticulously analysed and tested for the client’s business requirements. Below are the steps we execute to deliver the promised results to our clients.

Technical design
Software development
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