Business Processes

Business Processes

We deliver various types of tailored Project Management and Business Analysis services with our experienced staff in multiple industries to ensure sustained high-quality levels of our clients' business processes.

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Project Management Services

Priming your business for transformation and adaptability is the key to business continuity. A successful business knows how fast the business and customer preferences change. You need to stay ahead of the curve to keep your business positively impacting your consumers. You need speed, efficiency, and control to get the maximum output with your projects. We are more dependent on technology in today’s economy, making us more mobile and less dependent on locations. Our PMP® certified project managers help you stick to the quality, efficiency, and scheduled completion time.

BilgeAdam understands the importance of seamless project management, which is instrumental in managing all the resources efficiently to save time, avoid escalations and harness the available resources to their full potential. Our project management services enable our clients to seamlessly manage and deliver their projects on time and budget.

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Business Analysis Services

By providing innovative and effective business analysis services, BilgeAdam enables you to speed up your business development and improve the efficiency of your business processes. Our 18 years of experience and expertise in business analysis services help you keep your business at the cutting edge of technology.

Here are the primary business analysis services we offer our clients:

  • We design the blueprint for the project per your business objectives.
  • Our outputs are cost-effective and timely and are aligned with the primary scope of the project.
  • We meticulously analyse the needs and prepare solutions accordingly.
  • We conduct thorough documentation at all stages.
  • We transform all business needs received from stakeholders into technical solutions and transfer them to the development team.
  • We create visual models (wireframes, UML diagrams, etc.) for the project.
  • We manage evolving customer requirement activities during the complete software lifecycle.
  • We also offer end-user training workshops for the final project.
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Innovative and Outstanding Solutions

BilgeAdam brings a consultative approach and advanced industry knowledge to deliver innovative and future-led IT solutions that help you accelerate your business performance. We use the best methodologies and technologies to help provide solutions based on the constantly changing customer needs and transformational marketing strategies. Our tailored solutions will strengthen your business performance and navigate you in your ambitious entrepreneurial journey to achieve your milestones. Below are the business analysis services we offer our clients:

Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria

Document Analysis

Market Research

Flow Diagrams


Business Rules Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis


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