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Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

BilgeAdam Technologies prides itself on delivering excellent cloud consulting services to our clients. Our consultants use their expertise to ensure a seamless cloud adoption into your IT landscape. We take meticulous care and thoroughly analyse your existing systems before presenting our recommendations. So whether you are seeking to improve your existing cloud-based systems, you want to introduce them to your business, or you are somewhere between those two levels, we can help you accomplish your objectives to ensure productivity and innovation.

Our All-Inclusive Cloud Computing Consulting Services Customised for You

Plan of Action –
Cloud Strategy

We devise a custom plan of action that is aligned with your objectives and leads to innovative cloud transformation.

Cost-Effectiveness – Cloud Models

We assess your systems to find areas where cloud costs can be reduced and increase your return on investment.

Thorough Preparation – Cloud Migration

We evaluate the maturity and effectiveness of your existing IT infrastructure and plan out a detailed approach to accelerate cloud migration.

Monitoring & Evaluation – Cloud Performance

We ensure that the main performance indicators are captured for the best performance.

Operational Excellence – Cloud Systems

We have adopted a DevOps culture to improve the time-to-market of your business and increase the overall operational productivity.

Thorough Assurance – Cloud Security

We identify security risks in your system (if any) and develop a thorough plan to mitigate them and secure your applications.

Value-Added Benefits and Features

Long-term partnerships with leading third-party providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

A specialised technology department to help you make the most of the commercial value of the IT revolution

A "Cloud Centre of Excellence" with highly-qualified cloud consultants to devise extraordinary solutions

Experienced DevOps specialists who use agile methodology to enable constant innovation

Cloud Consulting Services

Make the Most of
Your Cloud Landscape

Initial Strategy is Key

Adopting a cloud business model is highly beneficial to most modern companies. It comes with numerous advantages such as efficient operations, the potential for immense scalability, and much more. Not just that, since the cloud service provider handles most of the technical processes, it leaves you with more time and space to develop your business. However, one must first decide on an implementation strategy before migrating to the cloud. This is a crucial step that many fail to take.

A significant challenge is to choose a trustworthy and intelligent cloud service provider. Another challenge is convincing your organisation’s members to embrace this change. BilgeAdam Technologies helps with all of this and more. Our end-to-end solutions include developing an initial strategy for cloud migration. In addition, we test the readiness of your existing systems, help you train your teams, and ensure seamless adoption. So let us talk and see how we can assist you.

Cost Reduction

Adopting new technologies comes with the concern of high costs. However, the best feature of cloud architecture is that it helps you save resources. Thanks to the latest advancements in cloud technology, you need not allocate a large proportion of your budget to develop, sustain, and grow your technological equipment. You need not spend much money hiring a specialised IT team to work at your data centre either.

On the other hand, under-utilised and idle applications, neglected servers, or an inadequate cloud service provider can lead to additional expenses. Our technical experts will ensure that such situations never arise and build a strategy no matter how simple or complex your case is. No matter what part of the development stage that you are in, we are equipped to help. We carefully evaluate the systems and devise a budget-friendly solution just for you.

Enhanced Security

Technology and security go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to cloud migration. Cloud architecture can be highly secure if implemented correctly. That is, the correct cybersecurity investments need to be made. However, since it is in a shared environment, the cloud is quite susceptible to data leaks and security risks. This means you need to ensure that security measures are in place.

BilgeAdam’s consultants use their expertise to ensure that the best possible security systems are present in your cloud environment. You can rest easy knowing that our experienced cloud experts have designed the measures. We help you avoid any threats to your business data and keep it safe and secure. If you have further questions, please do reach out to us.

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