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Consumer IoT Services

Consumer IoT Services

BilgeAdam Technologies leverage IoT solutions and cutting-edge analytics to help B2C companies become future-ready. There is a significant shift in the market as products are moving from their traditional form to a ‘smart’ format with embedded intelligence. Our team can help you make this shift and revamp your line of products. Not only that, but we also help in monitoring and assessment, improving customer experience, and increasing revenue.

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IoT Segments We Cover

Consumer IoT Development

Extra Value-Added Benefits with BilgeAdam

IoT Centre of Excellence that assists developers in resolving critical issues

UI/UX designers that work with the engineers to develop optimal solutions

Cloud experts for migration, integration and more

AI & ML experts for delivering custom solutions, predictive reports and risk mitigation strategies

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Our IoT Knowledge

IoT Development Solutions

Unleash the power of IoT with our tailored, data-driven solutions for multiple industries.

Industrial IoT

You don’t need to worry about downtime and high costs of your industrial equipment with our real-time analysis.

Smart Cities

Elevate the lives of different communities by creating a smart city that resolves challenges and encourages transformation.

Consumer IoT Development

Consumer IoT for Higher Market Share

Unique Consumer IoT Software

Connected devices and gadgets have a large segment in the consumer and retail industry. Many applications are now using IoT devices and systems. We help you revamp your business and product line by designing IoT applications that are used in wearable gadgets, smartphones, home appliances, and other items. Be an early adopter of this trend that is here to stay, and get that competitive advantage! Our experts not only understand the needs of your business but also understand the needs of your customers. As more and more people use these smart devices, they expect a high level of personalization and a great user experience. We help bridge the gap between you and your customers and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Connected Consumer IoT Solutions

Integration is a critical element of digital transformation – especially when it comes to IoT platforms and ecosystems. Whether you are a start-up or a previously established company – your chances of success increase with the help of consumer IoT solutions. As a trusted partner, we can help build custom software that can improve your products as well as your day-to-day operations. The BilgeAdam team of experts are here to assist you in all aspects of digital integration and connection of IoT solutions. From initial design to development to final implementation, we help you create a solid IoT ecosystem that is connected to your existing infrastructure. We also provide data analytics solutions to set up a data-driven business.

Capitalize on the Latest Advancements in Consumer IoT

There is an increase in the availability and usage of smart home devices, wearable gadgets, smart appliances, and other IoT products. Understanding and following these trends can significantly boost your revenue and improve brand recognition. We help you create a product line that matches these trends and your business strategies without compromising on the security and safety of user data.

No matter what device your customers are using – a smart appliance, a wearable healthcare tracker, or even a connected car – we ensure that they are protected from external cyber-attacks or any other security threats. We offer the best solutions for companies across different industries. Our team is prepared to deliver the latest technological and IoT solutions for your company.

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