Internet of Things (IoT) Development Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) Development Solutions

BilgeAdam Technologies works with IoT adopters in multiple industries such as computers & electronic, power & utilities, consumer goods, and more. IoT enabled devices and appliances are going to be a significant part of our future, and we help our partners grow their business with IoT solutions. Our experts work with different organizations to show the full potential of IoT technology in automobiles, appliances, supply-chain systems, and more.

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We Work with
Multiple IoT Sectors

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Our Personalized IoT Software Development Services

We work on a large variety of IoT projects, including connectivity solutions, platforms that use AI analytics, and much more. Our diverse portfolio showcases the number of specialized IoT development solutions that we deliver. We want our partners to improve operational efficiency, have smart processes, and set up inter-connected systems. Our integration solutions combine the power of IoT apps, mobile applications, cloud, and the actual object or appliance itself and create a connected smart platform!

IoT Consulting

Speak to our team to understand how you can build a smart, digital policy to harness the power of IoT and boost your revenue.

End-to-End IoT Development

We assist you right from the beginning and provide solutions for every touchpoint of your digital transformation journey.

IoT Software Augmentation

Our team of expert engineers use their knowledge to design tailored IoT and software solutions that are in line with your business goals.

IoT Advancement

Our IoT accelerator programme helps you develop your IoT platform at a faster speed.

IoT Data Analytics

Real-time data has substantial business value, and we conduct a thorough analysis to provide insightful reports that help you make critical decisions.

Application Development

We develop native mobile as well as web apps for your devices. They are designed with great UI/UX for enhanced customer experience.

IoT Integrations Solutions

Your IoT platform works best when it is connected to your existing technological infrastructure. We help you do just that.

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We Help Organize IoT Data in Multiple Ways

Collection & Assembly
Processing & Analysis
Internet of Things Development Services

Why Choose BilgeAdam?

Our IoT Centre of Excellence

Our devoted Centre of Excellence (CoE) features our certified team members who help our partners resolve any problems and proactively deliver transformational solutions.

Extensive AI and ML Expertise

Our R&D team specialize in AI & ML research and also design smart models that can be integrated into your business. We follow the scientific method when creating algorithms for business improvement.

Cloud Proficiency

We are highly knowledgeable when it comes to cloud platforms, and we can help you migrate your legacy infrastructure to the cloud.

Big Data Analytics Competency

Our big data analysts and engineers are certified professionals who have degrees in mathematics, computer science, and statistics. Our software solutions help predict events and identify patterns that can help boost your business.

Innovative UI/UX Designers

We have a team of qualified designers who work along with our engineering team to develop intuitive user experiences for mobile, web, human-machine platforms, and more.

Industrial Knowledge

We have delivered projects to leading start-ups and Fortune 500 companies across different industries. We recognize the different demands of each industry, and our IoT solutions reflect our knowledge.
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Our Specialized IoT Solutions have Great Business Value

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