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Smart Cities Services

Smart Cities Services

At BilgeAdam Technologies, we have the knowledge and experience in technology, software, big data, cloud, IoT, and more. We use our expertise to develop unique, tailored solutions to create smart cities. Our goal is to ensure that people’s lifestyles are elevated to become more content, sustainable and safe. We assist cities to build and integrate new technology with the previously existing systems to create a smart living environment.

Smart Cities Solutions

IoT Services for Smart Cities

Better Mobility

Improved traffic systems, enhanced parking facilities, and multi-channel routing facilities with smart software

Resource Management

Better allocation of utilities, accurate meter readings with data analytics

Smart Street Lights

Automated lighting systems in streets and public areas, dimming capabilities and more

Facilities Administration

IoT services that help create efficient and appealing public spaces, offices, and more

Waste Management

Sensor technology to ensure that waste bins do not spill over, and an optimal collection system

Public safety

Motion detection systems that help monitor, track and locate potential criminal activity

Smart Cities Solutions

Extra Value-Added Benefits with BilgeAdam

Multi-domain knowledge about the main infrastructural foundations of a smart city

IoT Centre of Excellence to deliver solutions across different areas and departments

Cloud proficiency with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

Custom delivery systems that are tailored to suit the client’s preferences

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Our IoT Knowledge

IoT Development Solutions

Unleash the power of IoT with our tailored, data-driven solutions for multiple industries

Industrial IoT

You don’t need to worry about downtime and high costs of your industrial equipment with our real-time analysis

Consumer IoT

Produce unique, interconnected and smart devices and gadgets that provide excellent customer satisfaction

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IoT Solutions Make Cities Smarter and Better

Better Systems for Citizens and Businesses Alike

Smart solutions can vastly improve the lives of the people and establish better systems for offices and businesses. With the help of data, IoT connected devices, and advanced technology, one can design smart cities that improve the overall well-being of people. Whether it is related to day-to-day activities, financial and economic development, or social improvement, IoT solutions can help. There are custom solutions for mobility, transport, parking, routing and more. These help create a well-connected city that is accessible everywhere. The sensor technology helps avoid traffic jams and provides a digitally-enabled parking space. Resource management (water, electricity, etc.) is very important and can be improved with the help of IoT solutions that monitor real-time availability. These solutions make life better, safer and more sustainable. Smart cities are future-ready cities!

Sustainability and Better Environment

We have already discussed the wonderful economic, financial, and social benefits provided by smart IoT solutions. What about the environment? We have got that covered too! Smart cities can help in a myriad of ways, including improving the environment and addressing pressing issues. The responsibility of creating a sustainable ecosystem is shared by everyone, and smart solutions ultimately improve all our lives. There are multiple IoT enabled tools that can help control pollution levels and limit harmful emissions. Sensor technology can be used to measure the quality of air, and institutions can track the areas that are most or least affected by air pollution at different intervals of time. Using this valuable data, a thorough analysis is done, and the insights are used to solve these issues. At BilgeAdam, we help develop such solutions that benefit the world at large. Our team is not only technically proficient, but we also have strong morals and values that are essential for community development.

Smart Cities for Advanced Development

Multiple places worldwide are gearing up to transform into smart cities. There are many solutions available in the market, and the time to become future-ready is now! Whether you are a start-up or a city administration institute, we can partner with you to deliver smart solutions for smart cities. This is a great chance to deliver sustainable tech solutions for the public and with government approval. These days, many governments are providing financial and infrastructural support to companies that are producing smart services and connected devices. To successfully implement these initiatives, one needs to be thoroughly prepared. We can help you establish a solid plan that is in line with your business strategy. We provide IoT and software support for every step in your initiative and help you design a comprehensive solution. At BilgeAdam Technologies, we use well-researched and latest technologies for your benefit and the improvement of society as a whole.
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