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Tech Boot Camps

High-potential resources, trained in real projects, fully suitable for your business.

Tech Boot Camps?

If you are facing any of these challenges outlined below, you should strongly consider our tech boot camps.

  • Failure to meet the competence needed in the project calendar
  • Low corporate loyalty of senior resources
  • Unsustainable resource supply
  • High cost of trained resources
  • Increased loss of time for business units
  • Chaotic recruitment processes due to urgent and sudden resource needs
  • Long adaptation and orientation processes

We thoroughly prepare new developers for a job in your organisation.

Studies show that:

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73% of employees claim that they found it difficult to leave their first job where they could develop their core competencies.
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52% of HR managers say that they find the right talent three times slower than the actual need of different business units.
0 %
82% of 300+ Enterprise Company CIOs claim that they could not develop a strategic initiative for the supply of sustainable human resource
0 %
64% of Large-Scale Companies lament that the cost of the resources that they found was up to 3 times more than the cost that they spent on training and development

Our Unique Tech Boot Camps come with Amazing Benefits and Features

Low cost, high potential

High loyalty among all your staff members

A strategic partner in sourcing

Critical and timely resources that your project needs

Business units that focus on your core operations and provide added-value

Predictable, planned, fast sourcing of resources

Quick adaptation and orientation processes

After participating in our tech boot camps, the resources are immediately deployable and ready to work!

Client Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our esteemed clients:

Software Quality Assurance Lead - Leading IT company
“Graduates of our special training program have not only been developed in accordance with our company culture but have also reached the project-specific competence that the internal teams gained in 1.5 years within a short period of just 2 months.”
Software Quality Assurance LeadLeading IT company
Network, System and Security Infrastructure Director - Retail Corporation
“BilgeAdam analysed our project, created the appropriate training content, provided the necessary human resource support and trained them specifically for us. As a result, we established a cost-effective team dedicated to our business with high corporate loyalty.”
Network, System and Security Infrastructure DirectorRetail Corporation
How do our Tech Boot Camps Work?

Our Step-By-Step
Selection Process

1. Discussion of Content and Scope of the Project

Timeline: 3 days

Project Team Involved:

Technical Experts to understand and finalise:

  • Technical requirements
  • Projects and team model
  • Software development lifecycle core processes

HR Expert to recognise and establish:

  • Work conditions
  • Corporate culture
  • HR competencies

2. Selection and Evaluation of Candidates

Timeline: 1-2 Months

Step 1: Our team reaches out to suitable candidates via different programs and events such as:
  • University and club events
  • BilgeAdam Internship Program
  • Career portals
  • Targeted job ads 
  • Candidate recommendations
Step 2: Our team tests the candidates on their overall technical knowledge. This includes:
  • Software development know-how
  • Evaluating analytic and algorithmic approaches
  • Occupational predisposition – whether they work systematically, with concentration, patience, and an ambition to learn
  • Participation of the company’s Technical Expert (optional)
Step 3: Our team then organises HR-related tests to ensure the suitability of the candidates. This involves:
  • Competence-based interviews
  • Company competencies
  • Program competencies – self-motivation, team player abilities, communication skills
  • Candidates’ suitability for corporate culture and conditions
  • Academic success analysis
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Participation of the company HR Specialist (optional)
How do our Tech Boot Camps Work?

Our Tech Boot Camp
Training and Development Process

Timeline: 3 months
The training and development process includes:
Foundational Training:

Theoretical knowledge of the required subjects, as discussed with the client

Knowledge Transfer:

Knowledge transfer from experienced professionals with practice on real projects


Learning the importance of teamwork

Additional Input:

Weekend assignments to ensure maximum productivity

Training in Company’s HR Practices:

Theoretical knowledge of the required subjects, as discussed with the client

Tailored Training Syllabus:

A customised program to meet all your business needs

Special Coaching:

100% instructor-led coaching program

Experienced Instructors:

Expert consultants with relevant field experience

Personality Development:

Personality development training for ensuring all-round potential

Training in Company’s Technical Practices:

Participation of the company’s Technical Expert

Our robust tests ensure that only the best candidates are selected to join your organisation.

Elimination Criteria
  • Timely completion of project tasks
  • Learning speed
  • Motivation
  • Adapting to a fast-paced environment
  • Team cohesion
  • Self-learning
Key Results of Our Tech Boot Camps
  • Successful Onboarding
  • High Loyalty
  • Less HR Work Load
  • Low Employee-Related Risks

Additional Value-Adds

Our support extends beyond the actual tech boot camps themselves. We also ensure that:

The candidates have an excellent start at the office.

  • Distribution planning for the team projects
  • Introducing alums to team leaders
  • Company orientation process

Candidate onboarding is completed without a hitch.

  • Visits from the HR Program Manager
    • 1st month: Weekly visits
    • 2nd-3rd months: Biweekly visits
  • Detection of motivation loss of beginners
  • Progression reports

The candidates are working with the company with the objective of long-term retention.

  • Talent Manager support
  • Monthly visits
  • On-site HR service
  • Performance tracking
  • Training and development

Pick Your Tech Boot Camp

Choose from our wide range of tech boot camps.

.NET Developer

  • Introduction to .NET
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • SQL
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX
  • Entity Framework
  • LINQ
  • ASP.NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core WebAPI
  • .NET Advanced
  • Projects

Business Analyst

  • Software Life Cycle, Core Skills and Corporate Culture
  • Software Development
  • Analysing Business Processes
  • User Orientation
  • ITSM - Support Training
  • Digital Product Management
  • Software Quality
  • Demand, Scope, Change and Stakeholder Management
  • Agile Software
  • Advanced Analysis and Certification
  • Graduation Project Presentation

Cloud Specialist

  • AWS
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • BilgeAdam

Data Analyst

  • Data Analysis and Data Manipulation
  • Fundamentals of Business Analytics
  • Regression Modelling
  • Google Big Data Query
  • Fundamentals of Data Visualization
  • Project Coaching

DevOps Specialist

  • What is DevOps? What does it promise?
  • Foundations of DevOps
  • DevOps & Best Practices
  • DevSecOps Concept
  • International Case Studies
  • Applications and Assignment

Front-End Developer

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • ReactJS (Hooks)
  • Git

Java Developer

  • Core Java
  • SQL
  • Web Fundamentals
  • Spring Framework
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Scrum
  • Projects

Python Developer

  • Python Language
  • GUI with Python
  • SQL
  • Web, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Web with Python
  • ML with Python
  • Advanced Python
  • Project Development and Collaboration
  • Projects

SQL Developer

  • Querying Data with Transact-SQL
  • Developing SQL Databases 2016
  • Analysing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Analysing Data with Power BI
  • Projects

Support Specialist

  • Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure
  • Computer Architecture Fundamentals Operating Systems Basics
  • Network 101
  • Expertise in Technical Support
  • ITIL Foundation
  • Monitoring and Logging (Grafana, Zabbix)
  • PowerShell Scripting
  • BI Report Development
  • Jira, Confluence
  • Fundamentals of Information Security

Test Specialist

  • Information Security
  • Data Analysis with Excel
  • Effective Presentations with PowerPoint
  • Basic Coding Awareness
  • Basic Algorithm Skills
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Querying
  • Web Architecture Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Software Processes and Software Project Management
  • Agile Software Project Management Approaches
  • Fundamentals of Business Analysis
  • Software Testing (ISTQB)
  • Test Automation (Selenium)
  • UX / UI (User Experience / User Interface)
  • Usability Testing
  • Jira

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