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Mercedes - OA-App

Mercedes – OA-App

We designed a new, modern web application to automate the reporting operations conducted by managers in the Mercedes truck factory. All daily reports of the work done in the factory were submitted to the factory supervisor using this app. Any…

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Mercedes - Task Management

Mercedes – Task Management

Our client, Mercedes, had a manual recording system for work accidents or accident risks. The critical system used telephones and emails to notify the employees. It needed to be revamped and automated, and we designed a modern portal. It enabled…

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Mercedes - Supplier Management System

Mercedes – Supplier Management System

Our client, Mercedes, wanted to efficiently supervise the sub-industry products manufactured by their suppliers so as to identify and resolve any issues in production. We developed an application to help them with this issue and it also ensured that faulty…

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Mercedes - i-Change Request System

Mercedes – i-Change Request System

Requests for changes in all projects within Mercedes Turkey needed the approvals of project officers and managers. This increased the time needed to make the desired changes especially because of lost or forgotten documents. To resolve this, a web application…

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Mercedes - BandAudit

Mercedes – BandAudit

We developed the BandAudit Project, which is a .NET application, for Mercedes-Benz. Here, the bus plants’ production errors are recorded by employees. Additionally, members of other departments, like quality assurance and management, can also generate reports with this error data.

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Mercedes EvoBus Germany - Dynamic Workflow

Mercedes EvoBus Germany – Dynamic Workflow

Our client, the Mercedes EvoBus company, located in Germany, wanted to migrate their workflow process management system to the web environment. We designed a suitable web application using technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, and SignalR. With this new…

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Mercedes-Benz - Kiysis

Mercedes-Benz – Kiysis

For the Mercedes-Benz bus factory, we developed the Kiysis system which assisted in their cover manufacturing production management. This included follow-up and reporting during different parts of the production process. By transferring information from Mercedes-Benz SAP; hierarchy, production operations management…

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Mercedes-Benz – Waste Management

We designed a web project for Mercedes-Benz to manage and report their waste operations by combining different external services under one roof. The platform collected their external waste data and processed it into the system. Users could now create a…

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Mercedes-Benz - Assist SP

Mercedes-Benz – Assist SP

We developed a spare parts management application that organised the whole process, from procuring the parts (even from international locations) to delivering them to Mercedes-Benz customers. The dealers could make requests for the necessary parts through the application, and the…

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Mercedes-Benz - TCO

Mercedes-Benz – TCO

We developed an intranet portal for Mercedes dealers. This portal was designed for the employees to show their customers the technical and price advantages of trucks and buses and compare them with competitors. We added graphics and charts to these…

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