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Mercedes-Benz - Corporate

Mercedes-Benz – Corporate

We undertook a web project for combining the websites of Mercedes-Benz Truck and Mercedes-Benz Bus. It consists of two sub-projects called Management and UI and it supports multiple languages. This corporate management project is the content management panel for the…

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Mercedes-Benz - Kiysis

Mercedes-Benz – Kiysis

For the Mercedes-Benz bus factory, we developed the Kiysis system which assisted in their cover manufacturing production management. This included follow-up and reporting during different parts of the production process. By transferring information from Mercedes-Benz SAP; hierarchy, production operations management…

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Mercedes-Benz – Waste Management

We designed a web project for Mercedes-Benz to manage and report their waste operations by combining different external services under one roof. The platform collected their external waste data and processed it into the system. Users could now create a…

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