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Retail Company - Boyner Mybox

Retail Company – Boyner Mybox

Boyner Mybox Application is a portal project that the employees of Boyner, YKM, and Çarşı stores actively use to manage their internal processes. The client’s existing application was insufficient to meet their needs, and that’s where we came in. Since…

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Mercedes - i-Change Request System

Mercedes – i-Change Request System

Requests for changes in all projects within Mercedes Turkey needed the approvals of project officers and managers. This increased the time needed to make the desired changes especially because of lost or forgotten documents. To resolve this, a web application…

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Mercedes EvoBus Germany - Dynamic Workflow

Mercedes EvoBus Germany – Dynamic Workflow

Our client, the Mercedes EvoBus company, located in Germany, wanted to migrate their workflow process management system to the web environment. We designed a suitable web application using technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, and SignalR. With this new…

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