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Fleet Leasing Company - ERP

Fleet Leasing Company – ERP

The client’s existing ERP was developed with old and outdated technology. Making modifications to meet new demands would have been expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, we created a completely new ERP system. A partial go-live (module-based) was carried out so that…

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S for Sales

Leading Financial Services Company – S for Sales

Our client, Garanti Bank, sought an innovative and interactive learning management system (LMS) to empower its employees to effectively promote new products and enhance customer responsiveness. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AngularJS, Entity Framework, Web API, and SCORM compliance, we developed…

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Mercedes - AFS

Mercedes – AFS

Previously, employees at the Mercedes factory were informed of production errors through telephone calls or emails, which proved to be slow and inefficient. To enhance this process, we designed and developed a web application that facilitated faster and more streamlined…

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Mercedes - Task Management

Mercedes – Task Management

Our client, Mercedes, had a manual recording system for work accidents or accident risks. The critical system used telephones and emails to notify the employees. It needed to be revamped and automated, and we designed a modern portal. It enabled…

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