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Consumer Electronics Company - Kobo eReader Launch

Consumer Electronics Company – Kobo eReader Launch

Our client wanted to launch the Kobo eReader. To enhance customer experience, we embedded vMerch Motion, one of our IoT solutions, onto the Kobo eReader and similar devices. Thanks to this ground-breaking technology, customers who examined the products could obtain…

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Joint-Stock Automotive Company - App Modernization

Joint-Stock Automotive Company – App Modernization

An application modernisation request was received from Tofaş, which included re-analysing and rewriting some existing software. We revamped many of their systems including their Inventory Management System, Packaging Management System, MP Info Forms, Patent Portal, Visitor Appointment Tracking System, ECM…

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Fleet Leasing Company - Continuous Integration

Fleet Leasing Company – Continuous Integration

We automated our client’s software development processes using the Team Foundation Server (TFS) product. The automatic process started with the software developers sending their developed code to the TFS. After this, the process moved on to safe storage, compilation, and…

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Apparel Retail Company - DevOps

Apparel Retail Company – DevOps

Our client wanted to execute multiple processes including Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate, and Monitor. These processes were evaluated in DevOps in an integrated manner so as to easily track them in real-time and get detailed reports. We…

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E-Commerce Company - Application Development

E-Commerce Company – Application Development

For our client at, we developed an e-commerce application. Our team served as an addition to the existing teams. We carried out activities in all the divisions of, such as orders, basket, logistics, and marketing. A software team…

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Dominos - Automation of Load Tests

Domino’s – Automation of Load Tests

Our client approached us with a requirement for an automated system to conduct load tests, evaluate product performance, and determine capacity. They also needed a comprehensive report generated based on these tests. To meet their needs, we leveraged customised open-source…

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Burgan Bank - DevOps

Burgan Bank – DevOps

For our client, Burgan Bank, we structured various processes across their company. These processes included work and resource planning, code management, production of quality reports, compilation and conversion into a workable package, automatic testing, and deployment to application environments. The…

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