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Joint-Stock Automotive Company - App Modernization

Joint-Stock Automotive Company – App Modernization

An application modernisation request was received from Tofaş, which included re-analysing and rewriting some existing software. We revamped many of their systems including their Inventory Management System, Packaging Management System, MP Info Forms, Patent Portal, Visitor Appointment Tracking System, ECM…

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Joint-Stock Automotive Company - Material Track and Trace

Joint-Stock Automotive Company – Material Track and Trace

Tofaş, the Turkish automaker, sought an automation solution for their material transport and tracking process, aiming to monitor the entire manufacturing material lifecycle, including shipments and routes across land, air, and sea. In response, we developed an automated system to…

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Toyota - DevOps

Toyota – DevOps

Our client, Toyota, wanted to be able to implement multiple processes which were evaluated in DevOps. These included Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate, and Monitor. They wanted to assess them in an integrated manner and also follow these…

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Honda – Travel Forms and Workflow

Honda – Travel Forms and Workflow

The employees at Honda’s head office were manually arranging their business trips, and wanted to revamp this system. We developed a software application to track the travel and the costs incurred. Our automated Travel Approval and Travel Expense Forms were…

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Mercedes - AFS

Mercedes – AFS

Previously, employees at the Mercedes factory were informed of production errors through telephone calls or emails, which proved to be slow and inefficient. To enhance this process, we designed and developed a web application that facilitated faster and more streamlined…

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Mercedes - Working Hours

Mercedes – Working Hours

Our client, Mercedes, approached us with a request to enhance their access control system through automation. Specifically, they needed a robust solution to improve reporting capabilities, particularly for their R&D department. In response, we implemented several key enhancements, including LDAP…

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Mercedes - OA-App

Mercedes – OA-App

We designed a new, modern web application to automate the reporting operations conducted by managers in the Mercedes truck factory. All daily reports of the work done in the factory were submitted to the factory supervisor using this app. Any…

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Mercedes - Task Management

Mercedes – Task Management

Our client, Mercedes, had a manual recording system for work accidents or accident risks. The critical system used telephones and emails to notify the employees. It needed to be revamped and automated, and we designed a modern portal. It enabled…

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Mercedes - Supplier Management System

Mercedes – Supplier Management System

Our client, Mercedes, wanted to efficiently supervise the sub-industry products manufactured by their suppliers so as to identify and resolve any issues in production. We developed an application to help them with this issue and it also ensured that faulty…

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